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Foe & Esmes Public Builders Sanctuary Ark Server!

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2017 at 2:20 PM

Welcome to @CRRGamingGroup @RatedArk Podcast Ark Survival Evolved Sanctuary Builders Paradise Server Hosted by Esme’s and Foe!

You can download all of the mods needed for the server here :

You can join our Public Steam CRR Gaming Group to get updates on the server here:

You can connect to the Server via our steam connect on our Nitrado site here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

(Please be aware once you start to connect it will appear that it is not working becuase you will not see any progess. This is becuase it is uploading the mods "behind the scenes" so to say and it will load you into the game once that is done so plese be patient if you go this route.)

The CRR Ark Survival Evolved Foe and Esme Island “Builders Paradise Sanctuary Server”

Dear CRR Ark members,

This server is meant to offer our CRR Gaming Group members and those who wish to play with us and our members who want an Ark experience that offers both the safety of a sanctuary server where you can play without the fear of the server getting wiped on a whim by the server owners but also the fun and excitement that a new change of map and mods can offer. We have chosen the Island to be our sanctuary server and we will have and additional server available for builders but on a map that is less static. This map will remain the island and our additional map can change whenever the player base craves something new :) We have tried seasonal servers the past 6 months and have found that once a date is looming over our heads people stop logging in. So for now the Island will remain Static. Solid. Not changing or wiping (unless an Act of Mod Gods or Ark God's occur beyond our control as they can) and the additional Map will remain static until the player base craves something new and exciting :) ( Please note: Our original intent was to cluster the two servers together to allow us to travel back and forth, but that has proven to be a very wonky situation that created more of a headache than convenience.)


We are opening The Island Map for our CRR Sanctuary Builders Paradise Server

Why do we need a sanctuary server? We wanted to offer a place for our CRR Ark members to build a home to call their own with some of the most amazing building mods available for us at this moment. We wanted to offer a static home in Ark for players who like to build more than tame, but also don’t want to worry about the server admin getting a bug up their but to wipe the server and wipe all of your progress. We know that not everyone loves change so a static server that will change very little is something that appeals to that play style.

We know that not everyone has the time to play Ark as much as others and tends to play a more single player game with the opportunity to join in on community events if given the time.

Its nice to have a place to call home that isn't loaded with bloodthirsty beasts at every turn.

Why did we choose the Island Map?

The island map will be our CRR Sanctuary Server that will remain static. The Island map is updated the most and first by Wild Card atm and all new content that comes to ark hits the island first. All of the holidays are supported on the island.

All new dinos added to the game are always added to the Island first.

Not everyone has or wants to purchase expansions for Ark so we wanted to be able to offer a place for our members to still play and build a fortress of their dreams with CRR members instead of being forced to find a new Ark Home.

The Island is a great place for new players to come and play Ark for the first time and it holds a special place in Veteran Ark Players hearts.

Server Rules : The map is THE ISLAND!

Map Rules :

NO PILLARS SPAMMING! You can reserve and area for a build but it must be completed within a week.

NO BUILDING ON HERBY ISLAND .This is meant for allllll of the community to use!

NO BUILDING ON CARNO ISLAND. This is meant for allllll of the community to use!

NO BUILDING ON THE VOLCANO. This is meant for allllll of the community to use!

NO BLOCKING WATERWAYS! All Boats must be able to pass through!







What Creature Mod is on the Island?

Mythical Creatures

DINO Nests 3

Monster Hunter

What Building/Customizing mods are on the Island?

Pimp My Home

Structures Plus

Eco’s RP Decor

Eco Garden Decor

Eco Tree’s

Eco Terrariums

Eco Shoppe Decor

Eco Tek

Castle and Keeps

Wood Hanging Bridge

Quality Of Life Mods!

Death Recovery

HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V2.2

TEK Bench

Upgrade Station

Flying Rafts

Egg N Poop Collector and Incubator

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EsmeraldaSky How you can help us pay for the Ark servers you enjoy!

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