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Felloons Private CRR Ark Extinction Core Cluster

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2017 at 9:10 PM

I am pleased to announce that CRR is going to allow me to share my server cluster with the CRR group. I am only interested in sharing this cluster with the CRR group because of the enrollment process and rules already in place for CRR so there will be no public access.

Although the server configuration is subject to change these are not seasonal servers.

Please be advised that it is my intent for these servers to be attuned to those folks who enjoy an extra challenging PvE game play. In general, it is going to be tough because there are many baddies in Extinction Core and it will require a lot of patience to be able to progress. Tribe up, ally up but it's going to be a lot easier as a team grind for progression.

There are 2 servers, Center Map and Scorched Earth that have been arraigned as a server cluster. I felt like the choice of the Center and Scorched for Extinction Core was a sound choice because there are items such as artifacts, talons and sulfur that are more prevalent in Scorched earth and would be more attainable versus farming those items on The Center.

The Eco and Steampunk mods are great mods but they contribute too many of the performance issues with either the server or with mid to low end PC’s and video cards.

Normal CRR admins: Esme, Foe, Lee, Lum and I (Felloon) will have admin access.


Both maps are currently set at default difficulty levels if this proves to be too easy I will consider changing the difficulty.


I want to keep the mod count low, currently 11 and are subject to change.

I would like to ride the flyer nerf for a while to see how it plays out before any consideration is given to adding any flyer mods. During testing, I was able to level argent and prime dimorph speeds in excess of 250% flying and in excess of 4K stamina, which is more than adequate for stealing eggs on Scorched Earth.

Steam Workshop Collection

Extinction Core

Death Recovery

Upgrade Station

Pub Mod

Stargate Atlantis

Structures Plus

Meat spoiler

Egg n poop collector

HG Stacking Mod 2500-90 V1.6

Big Raft


ini Tweaks 


15x gather.

15x taming.

15x all XP gain – extreme amount of XP. (this may get nerfed)

Increased spoil timers, slightly more increased on Scorched earth.

Reduced base materials requirements for crafting element at the Tek Bench (basically half of all materials required except black pearl requirement is set for 1 rather than 7).

S+ Forge 5x faster than default.

S+ Industrial Grill 10x faster than default.

S+ Preserving Bin 50x faster than default.

Vanilla preserving bins should not be affected by this tweak.

Cuddle and breeding increased (This is highly dependent on the size of the Dino)


More engram points (quantity tbd).

Reduced materials requirements for Tek gear and Tek structures at the TekBench. (Actual cost is tbd).


This server cluster is password protected and for CRR Gaming Group Members Only . You can join the gaming group here :

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